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Conceived in a San Francisco garage to global growth, their goal has remained the same, authenticity and innovative genetics. Organic and lab tested. Unless the Cookies Cartridge is made by High Flyers, it is not real. Buy Cookies Cartridge Online. Order Cookies Cartridge Online.


• Gushers

• Lemon Pound Cake

• LemonCello

• Gelato 41

• Gelati

• Biscotti

• Lodon Pound Cake

• Cereal Milk

• Dolato

• Billy Kimber OG

• Runts

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Gushers, Lemon Pound Cake, LemonCello, Gelato 41, Gelati, Biscotti, Lodon Pound Cake, Cereal Milk, Dolato, Billy Kimber OG, Runts