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Our THCo Blue Dream vape cartridges are now available, one of the first THCo cartridges on the market. This innovative THC-O vape uses premium 92% THCo distillate, paired with amazing terpene strains to give a potent and powerful mental and physical buzz.

THCo is brand new, and is found to be stronger than regular THC! Our THCo vape cartridges are taking the world by storm, and are getting extremely popular with these awesome terpene flavors. Users may feel a powerful buzz and experience.

  • 92% Premium THCo Distillate
  • 8% Terpenes
  • Hemp-derived


Where is THC-O sold:

 Products available at and



THC-O is a brand new Hemp-derived cannabinoid that can now be extracted the same way as Delta 8 THC. This is because THCo is actually precursor to Delta 8 THC. Turns out, THC-O is three times more potent than regular THC! As well, THC-O, otherwise known as THC-X provides both a mental and physical buzz.

We strongly recommend to use with caution, as THC-O is a powerful compound that is more potent than both Delta-8 and Delta-10.


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