• 100% Pure Delta 9 THC Distillate 299.00900.00

    100% Pure Delta 9 THC Distillate.

  • Bud Pop Disposable Vapes 55.00
    • Wide range of delicious flavors
    • High-quality e-liquids
    • Convenient, portable design
    • Long-lasting battery life
    • Rechargeable battery
  • CBD FLAVA BLAST- Bubble Gum (500mg) 35.00

    Buy CBD FLAVA BLAST-Bubble Gum. It plays a beneficial role in suppressing daily stressors, by keeping anxiety down and the mind calm. CBD is an effective remedy for reducing inflammation, and pain, in addition to the reduction of nausea and dizziness.

  • CBD LAVENDER BODY BALM: 150MG 0.5oz 40.00

    It is an all-purpose, powerful body balm that will leave your skin feeling smooth and restored. It is available in 3 scents which are CBD Isolate infused, blended with botanicals + essential oils, and formulated for maximum impact. Buy CBD Lavender Body Balm Today.

  • CBD Oil Focus Drops by feelCBD 80.00

    CBD oil drops formulated with essential oils to keep you alert and on target. Buy CBD Oil Focus Drops by feel CBD Online. Made with high-quality CBD isolate and natural ingredients, these drops promote a sense of calm and clarity, helping you stay focused and productive throughout the day. Perfect for students, professionals, and anyone seeking a mental edge.

  • CBDfx Fresh mint CBD Vapes 65.00
    1. CBD content: Fresh Mint CBD vapes contain a high-quality, lab-tested CBD extract from industrial hemp, with a minimum of 300mg of CBD per cartridge.
    2. Minty freshness: The “Fresh Mint” flavor is a refreshing and invigorating blend of peppermint and spearmint oils, providing a cooling and calming experience.
    3. Vape able form: Fresh Mint CBD vapes come in a convenient, pre-filled cartridge that can be easily attached to a vape pen or device.
    4. Hemp-derived: Fresh Mint CBD vapes are made from hemp, which is legal in the United States as long as it contains less than 0.3% THC.
    5. No THC: Unlike Delta-8 THC products, Fresh Mint CBD vapes do not contain any detectable levels of THC, making them suitable for those who want to avoid psychoactive effects.
    6. Potential benefits: CBD has been studied for its potential benefits, including reducing anxiety, inflammation, and pain. While individual results may vary, many users report improved sleep, reduced stress, and enhanced relaxation.
    7. Flavor profile: The Fresh Mint flavor is crisp and refreshing, with a subtle minty taste that’s not overpowering.
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  • Clearity Gummies – D8, HHC, CBD – Blends – 1000mg 50.00

    Delicious and convenient way to experience the benefits of CBD! Our gummies are infused with high-quality CBD and other natural ingredients to promote a sense of clarity and calm. With a variety of flavors to choose from, you’ll be hooked from the very first bite. Try them today and discover a clearer, more focused you!

  • Delta 8 Vape Juice | 1000mg 60.00
    Most will describe taking Delta 8 as a very pleasant and uplifting experience. It tends to bring a deep feeling of relief and peacefulness to its users. Some might even say it gives them a floating feeling, as if all of the weight has been taken off of them.
  • DELTA 8 Vape Juice Additive 2000 mg 60.00


    Astria Farm’s DELTA 8 vape juice additive 2000 mg is a convenient way to add DELTA 8 to your nicotine juice! DELTA 8 vape juice can be used with any regular vape juice to give a great boost of DELTA 8 it has 30 servings! We recommend using the additive up to 1/3 of the tank. Using more than 1/3 could ruin the machine.

  • FeelCBD – Balance CBD Vape Pen 30.00

    Buy FeelCBD Balance CBD Pen. This soothing blend of CBD and essential oils is just what you need to center your mind and body and conquer the task at hand. Inhale peace – exhale poise and serenity

  • FeelCBD – CBD Relief Stick- 300mg 30.00

    Buy FeelCBD Relief Stick. FeelCBD Relief Stick was crafted and infused with menthol, camphor, lemongrass, and lemon eucalyptus to naturally soothe, cool, and release tension in any troubled spots.

    Each stick contains 300mg of CBD.

  • Guava Strain 255.001,250.00

    A sweet and tangy indica-dominant hybrid, Guava is a tropical getaway in a jar. Its buds are dense and covered in sticky trichomes, emitting a pungent aroma that’s both fruity and earthy. The effects are relaxing and sedating, making it perfect for unwinding after a long day or as a nightcap to help with sleep. As the name suggests, Guava’s flavor profile is reminiscent of the tropical fruit, with notes of pineapple and citrus.

  • Honey Stick CBD Vapes 49.99

    CBD Content:

    • Honey Stick CBD Vapes contain a minimum of 80% CBD and a maximum of 20% other cannabinoids, such as CBG, CBC, and THC (less than 0.3%).
    • Each cartridge is carefully crafted to provide a consistent and potent dose of CBD in every puff.


    • Honey Stick CBD Vapes are THC-free, making them ideal for those who want to avoid any psychoactive effects or want to use CBD for therapeutic purposes without the risk of getting high.
  • Ignite CBD Disposable Vape 40.00

    Size: 2.5 inches long, 0.5 inches in diameter

    Battery Life: Approximately 300-400 puffs

    Expiration Date: 6 months from the date of manufacture

    Return Policy: 30-day money-back guarantee

  • Just CBD Cart: Strongest effects 65.00

    Just CBD Carts are tested by third-party labs to ensure compliance with state regulations and to guarantee the product’s quality and safety.


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