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Bubba Kush Clones is an indica strain that produces heavily tranquilizing effects.  It also has incredible flavors – sweet hashish mixed with coffee and chocolate.  You’ll experience a wave of relaxation from head to toe as your muscles get heavier and a dreamlike euphoria takes over.  It isn’t possible to be stressed when smoking Bubba Kush.  The buds of the plant are bulky – which makes many believe that it originates in Afghanistan, but no one knows for sure.  It’s named after a California breeder who claims OG Kush and Northern Lights are the mother plants.

Bubba Kush Attributes

Relaxation and happiness are almost guaranteed.  As are sleepiness, euphoria, and hunger. Medical uses include insomnia, pain relief, and stress reduction.  Some have used it to treat depression and a lack of appetite.

Negative effects include dry mouth and eyes.  Some may experience anxiety, dizziness, or headaches.

Bubba Kush Lineage

  • OG Kush


  • Earthy
  • Sweet
  • Pungent

Additional information

Plant Sizes

4-6 Inches, 8-10 Inches, 12 Inches, 14-16 Inches, 18+ Inches


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