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White Fire OG Clones Cleverly referred to as WiFi OG, this strain is a 60% sativa hybrid with mostly cerebral effects. It takes the absolute best from its parents:  a sour earthiness with a bit of diesel from Fire OG and the dusty crystal covering of The White. There are a number of phenotypes with this strain – some have very dense almost barrel-like buds while others are more cone shaped. It’s a good one for those looking for daytime use as it won’t make you drowsy.

White Fire OG Attributes

You’ll have an uplifted mood along with relaxation. It’s a primarily cerebral high with minimal body effects. For medical users, White Fire OG has been successfully used to treat pain from glaucoma and cancer, anxiety, depression, and lack of appetite. Negative effects include dry mouth and eyes. Some may experience headaches, anxiety, or dizziness.

White Fire OG Lineage

  • Fire OG
  • The White

White Fire OG Flavors

  • Sweet
  • Earthy
  • Pungent

Additional information

Plant Sizes

4-6 Inches, 8-10 Inches, 12 Inches, 14-16 Inches, 18+ Inches


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